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At Gran’s House we offer a mastering service that provides an impartial ear in a quality listening environment.

Mastering is the final stage in the recording process. Our mastering engineer Chris doesn’t believe in ‘reinventing the wheel’ with regards to your sound, but merely helps it translate well when it goes out into the big bad world. We get your music sounding perfect before your release.

Featured Sounds

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Choosing the right person to master your album is important. Have a listen to some of the tracks we’ve mastered here at Gran’s House and see for yourself what our sounds and style are like. 

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What we need from you


Stereo mixes at the sample rate/bit depth they were recorded at.


If you’ve applied effects to your master bus and are enjoying the way they sound, send two versions of each track: one with and one without this processing. ideally the master bus would not have a brickwall limiter on it.


It’s always good to provide references for loudness, dynamics and tonality, however we do have a preference for dynamic masters.

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the end result

What you get from us

Standard Master

You can receive the master as a redbook standard DDP image, which is the industry standard for CD manufacturing plants.

Alternative Formats

We can also provide full resolutions WAVs and/or other compressed formats.

Receiving Your Tracks

Tracks sent back to you via upload service link.